Despite the success of Duplex James Richardson-Jones still fullfills the role of organ builder in carrying out the cleaning, overhauling and rebuilding of modest instruments and subsequently their care and maintenance.


"Organ building became a passion from the age of fourteen, whilst still at school, but mechanical engineering was seen as a more realistic profession to pursue, hence my time spent at King's College. The problem was that once the seed was sown it got in the blood and that passion for pipe organ building has never left me. I take great pride in the engineering skills I devote to restoring pipe organ blowers but my first love will always be the organs they power."

 Having rebuilt three organs James was Accredited by the Institute of British Organ Building in the areas of tuning and maintenance, rebuilding, cleaning and overhauls. He is currently working on the extensive rebuild of the organs at Mickleham Parish Church and St. James's, Titsey.

An example of an early Victorian tracker organ built by Bishop & Sons at St. Peter's Church, Iver.

This rebuild started as a contentious issue as the church was divided as to the value of keeping the organ, it having fallen into a poor state of repair. The proposition, finally decided on by the parish council, was to move the organ from the east end of the north aisle, turn it through one hundred and eighty degrees, place it at the west end of the north aisle and rebuild it in the process.

 Having only two sides to the casework, suffered some less than professional attention in the 1980's and water damage, this proved no small undertaking especially in the face of much opposition.

 In the end, however, the organ, restored completely following the proper traditions of its makers, proved an almost universal hit with the parishioners both for and against. It is now a valued asset and has proved its reliability in use.