Duplex was founded in 2001 to provide a much needed service in the restoration, repair and rebuilding of pipe organ blowers.

James Richardson-Jones founded Duplex in 2001 with the encouragement and assistance of Heritage Pipe Organs. Previously an organ builder, working with the company N.P.Mander Ltd, James already had a reputation in the engineering field founded on his time spent studying engineering before entering pipe organ building and built on dealing with many engineering matters whilst at Mander's. It became clear, during the course of working for various organ builders, that there was a need for a specialist to cover the restoration and rebuilding of vintage blowing plants in all their various aspects. After assisting some organ builders with just this sort of service James was encouraged to connect the needs of the trade and their clients with his skills and form Duplex. Since its foundation Duplex has grown year in year out in client base, turnover and the scope of services offered. Duplex now has a comprehensive engineering facility allowing the reclamation and remanufacture of all obsolete parts and components found in blowing plants both small and large.

In house facilities include:-

Blast Cleaning, Turning, Milling, Grinding, Fabrication, Welding,  Dynamic Balancing, Rewinding of Motors, CAD design of components, Refinishing.